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Welcome to our blog! If you have found yourself here, you have probably taken some interest in our dolls or other "prim" crafts and artwork! You have come to the right place! This blog is here to chronicle our work, to give you the inside scoop on just what goes into your keepsakes, as well as letting you know when new items are available! Please bookmark us and visit back to see what's new!

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Our love of crafting began on the floor of our mother's sewing room, when we would gather up spare buttons and stitch them to the many scraps of fabric that littered the floor. We cultivated our play into skills under our mother's expert and gentle teaching. We love to create and are always imagining. Everything we make is completely unique and one of a kind. Many loving hours go into each creation; mixing needlework, sculpting, and hand painting with vintage materials and embellishments. Each piece is made to take you back to a simpler time. If we have given you a smile through our art, be sure you have given one back to us.

Bethany and Olivia Moy

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pianting and limbs finished!

Oh Hi guys! We're still chugging along with these dolls. I can finally say we have them all painted and their arms and legs are sewed on! You would think that doing more than one doll at a time (which is what we've always done before---we've never actually had a large event to prep for) would take less time, but it takes just as much time, and just as much effort and thought goes into each doll. I guess I could compare it to having sextuplets or something... Except these dolls don't need to be fed or changed or... anything like that. I always loved the painting part, because that's when the personalities can really show through. right now they look a *bit* odd, but you can get a better idea as to where they're going. I hope you approve!

Here is my palette! It's so high-tech. I bet you're all jealous.

These two will actually be Jack and Jill...

...and Hansel with Gretel...

That may change when they get their hair on. I think this duo above look older than the first two. Who should be older? Jack and Jill or Hansel and Gretel?

Bethany has amazing plans for this one.

This lady is so cool. I can't wait to see her out of her Birthday cloths!

However, I think Bethany's Goat is my favorite of her's to date. It's just so stinkin' awesome. Look at the hooves!

And here's a close-up of the face. She did some distressing to it. I think It's perfect. Can't wait to see it in a goat-coat!

Another favorite of Bethany's. When she told me she was going to try one with ears, I'm ashamed to say I was skeptical. This will look so cool with hair... and check out those earrings of rusted wire! She does some pretty awesome work...

~Olivia Moy

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